Cosmetic Video UGC Stats: 88 billion views and growing

March 12, 2018

As we all know, online video is one of the most important marketing channels for beauty brands. Here at Vyrill working with our cosmetic marketer Partners we are often asked about general category data. That being said, here are some key cosmetic UGC video statistics which highlight the importance in understanding the who, what, when, how and why consumers are creating cosmetic UGC videos.

  • In June 2017, beauty-related content generated more than 5 billion views per month on YouTube alone
  • In fact in 2017, there were 88 billion video views of beauty content on YouTube. Again, that is 88 billion
  • What we find even more interesting is the vast majority of beauty content on YouTube is generated through beauty vloggers and everyday consumers rather than through official brand accounts Of all beauty videos, 97.4% were created by beauty vbloggers and consumers. Yes, that is a whole lot of consumers talking about beauty brands
  • From a Statista survey, 40% of consumers preferred cosmetic videos produced by vbloggers and general consumers vs. 29% who preferred brand-created videos As we have previously reviewed, consumers trust the more authentic feel of UGC videos
  • Consumers have more than one favorite vblogger on YouTube 30% of all consumers regularly review 5-10+ beauty bloggers with only 12% turning to one trusted source

All this means for cosmetic marketers, your brand is being reviewed and positioned (most likely in ways you never thought about) by many, many different influential consumers. Do you know what they are saying? If not, contact us today to get access to what consumers are saying about you.

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