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“By partnering with Vyrill and Swirl, we’ve been able to leverage user-generated video content to not only show the real impact of our products across all skill levels and demographics but also to connect and engage with our audience on a more personal level, driving significant increases in site engagement and a more interactive customer experience”


Kevin Greco
Founder / Partner, ODR

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“With Vyrill, we were able to easily and quickly find video content on TikTok and YouTube from our target demographic and launch new campaigns to collect answers to important questions for our client.”


Alisa Smith
Director of Venture Services

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“Vyrill allows us to find and license videos on YouTube and TikTok, capture new video reviews, and analyze all of our video content to improve our video strategy.”


Yolanda Owens
CEO, iwi fresh

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“Vyrill automatically gives us an in-depth understanding of what's being captured in this rich video data so we can give our customers a better, relevant experience.”


Orion Brown
CEO and founder, BlackTravelBox®

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