Frequently Asked Questions

This page shares commonly asked questions that helps you understand more about who we are and what we do. If you need product support, visit our support page here.

What is Vyrill?

Vyrill is a user-generated video and brand video content (UGVC) discovery, analytic, licensing and commerce platform powered by proprietary AI technology to enable social commerce and product marketing. We’ve created the world’s first ‘In-Video’ search platform with powerful insights to drive social commerce.

How is Vyrill different from other influencer platforms?

Vyrill’s ability to separate the image, audio and text and analyse it in more than 9 dimensions is what sets us apart from any other content discovery, user review or social listening platform on the market today. Our unique, proprietary AI-driven technology can match millions of videos on Youtube to entire product catalogs by product, category, brand and competitor. Vyrill can capture, watch and listen, organize, rate, rank and analyze videos and creator profiles in a fraction of the time then of a team of people watching videos one-by-one and conducting analysis by simple research methods.

How does Vyrill save time and money?

Vyrill helps brands save time and money in the following ways:

Capture, analyze and help leverage video content at scale and at fraction of time and cost of what it would take manually to do so. Vyrill can analyze 200 videos within 12 hours, what will take brands 7+ plus days to manually watch and analyze a 12 minute average length video.

Our brand safety feature allows brands to stay on top of all positive and negative content, allowing quick actions on good and bad data, saving future and current PR and communications challenges.

Vyrill enables brands to license video content at scale for a fraction of the cost, improving marketing ROI. Brands can have a larger impact with user-generated video content for a fraction of the costs of what they would otherwise spend making their own videos.

How does Vyrill's Artificial Intelligence technology work?

Vyrill uses its own proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Audio-analysis, and Natural Language Processing technologies developed in-house, along with open-source algorithms that we have customized for commerce, to analyze various components of the video including text, speech and footage.

In essence, we built a process to discover videos and we named it ‘AVA’, Automatic Video Aggregation, which is the process of fetching relevant (YouTube & Dropbox) videos for our current customers and influencers.

Whenever the AVA is running and gets a return output from YouTube, these videos are then fed to the VRS algorithm. Vyrill Relevance Score (VRS) determines whether a video is relevant to the search or not.

How do you qualify who is an influencer? 

Every creator who makes a video is an influencer for Vyrill.

What types of influencers are on the Vyrill Platform?

At Vyrill any type of influencers or video creators are more than welcome.
One of the analytics that we provide, thanks to our proprietary AI technology, is the categorization of the influencer/video creator type. When we analyze a video, we also obtain information about the creator and its public account. With that, we categorize the creator on the following categories:

Press - Posted by press media such as WSJ or NYtimes or category publications like beauty magazine.

Brand - Posted by brand

Fan - A fan is defined as someone who posted just one or two videos in one category and is a generalist and will post all kinds of videos.

Expert - An expert is someone who demonstrates expertise in topics and more than 500+ followers on social media.  E.g. they are always taking about make-up or they always post about electric cars

These will then be a useful filter while you are going through all the videos inside the Vyrill dashboard.

How do you retrieve creators’ emails? 

Vyrill is able to collect any public contact information (including email addresses)  that video creators list on any public profile and display it along with their public engagement stats nicely organized on our dashboard.  Vyrill is GDPR compliant for data collection and usage.

What is the cancellation policy?

We are happy to cancel the subscription plan subject to the terms of the SaaS agreement by emailing

How do I downgrade or upgrade my subscription?

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, please email us at providing the following information:


Your Name


Your login username (email with which you registered)


Company Name


Action to take: Upgrade or downgrade

How can I change my password?

If you forgot your password:


Acces our login page here


Click on ‘Forgot password?’


Enter on your email address and we will send you the recovery email

If you want to change your password:


Access your Vyrill dashboard here


On your Profile Menu visit ‘Account Settings’


Click the Edit button next to your name to change your password.

How do I sign up for paid services and upgrades?

To sign up for a membership you have first register and create an account:


Login your Vyrill dashboard here


On your Profile Menu visit ‘Account Settings’


Under ‘Brand Account Information’ section, Upgrade

Can I add team members to my plan or account?

Yes, you can. You can include extra logins to your plan by contacting  Please visit our pricing page for more information. 

Reset Password

If you forgot your password:


Acces our login page here


Click on ‘Forgot password?’


Enter your email address and we will send you the recovery email

Update email

Login to your Vyrill dashboard.

In the header menu, to the top right of the page, click on your avatar icon.

In the drop down menu, select Manage account.

Modify and change your personal information and email address.

Click Save.

Get help signing in

Use our chat to ask questions.

Email to get questions answered.

More options for help coming soon!

Update payment method

At this time please contact to update your payment method. 

What are the operating hours of customer service?

Chat 8am - 6pm (Pacific), Monday through Friday

Email 24 hours (We will respond within 24 hours during business days and 72 hours on non-business days or holidays)

What do I do if I have a question or need help?

Help Center: Click here to get help

Video Resource Center: Coming Soon

FAQ: Check out our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions

What platforms does Vyrill support?

Currently, Vyrill has integrations with TikTok, Youtube, Dropbox and Shopify. What that means for you is that we can capture and analyze all your videos from TikTok, Youtube, Dropbox platforms and publish them on Shopify eCommerce product pages, saving you time and money. Also check out our API integration page.

Does Youtube own the customer video? 

No, it doesn’t, but the creator of the video owns the rights to their video. We recommend you read this Youtube Help article to gain more understanding about the rights management and the ownership of the videos uploaded on Youtube. 

How reliable is Vyrill for discovering your videos on the internet?

Vyrill has an accuracy for discovering videos on the internet and is 89% reliable. We update our accuracy measurement periodically and keep working to improve it.  

What is Vyrill data? 

“Vyrill data” describes the deep ‘In-Video’ analysis as a result of our proprietary tools or AI algorithms. This includes data on Demographics, Positive and Negative Sentiment, Word Cloud insights, Keyword Reports and Brand Safety which include nudity, minors, sensitive language, sexual content and much more. 

What IS NOT Vyrill Data are any vanity metrics and other metrics from YouTube or data from 3rd party social media or web platforms.

Customers can see both Vyrill data and 3rd party data on their dashboard. Vyrill does NOT modify or replace data from Youtube or any other 3rd party social media or web platforms. Vyrill privacy policy can be found here

Can I produce my own reports?

Yes. Currently at Vyrill we offer two types of reports:

Dynamic Reports such as Sentiment Report. Dynamic reports allow you to filter the data in real-time by Video Type, Time Published, Creators' Demographics and names and Products or either search for a concrete word. We offer the option to download this data with a .pdf document.

Custom Report:  We also provide the option to request a report based on aggregated user data to support long term and short term product and brand strategy. They are customized based on your goals and current situation. Some examples of standard reports are:


Vyrill Fan Master Overview Insights Report 


Vyrill Fan Social Engagement Report 


Vyrill Brand Market share Competitor Report Beauty


Vyrill Fan Audio Speech Keyword Analysis Report 

For more information email

How long does it take to analyze a video?

Videos take between 24 to 72 hours to be analyzed. 

Note: Currently we only support English videos for Transcript and Sentiment analysis. Videos without audio or in any other language, will be processed only for Demographics, Topic & Scenes.

Does Vyrill integrate with my CRM?

Vyrill is a desktop and mobile experience and is not integrated with any CRM software at this time.

Can I bulk-upload creator email lists?

Vyrill does not allow bulk uploads of creator emails at this time.

What if the email goes to SPAM?

Please check your spam folder and add to your contact list so future emails will be directed to the inbox.

I'm a Creator, how can I list my videos for brands to see?

Vyrill encourages influencers to log in as a creator, upload as many videos as they wish, annotate them with brand or product names, keywords or hashtags, and list a licensing fee for each video. This way brand managers, social talent agencies and marketing specialists can find the videos and offer to purchase a license from you.

Can I license videos of customers outside the USA?

Yes we can license video outside of the USA as long as creators have a Paypal account to settle payments. Thus, Vyrill supports licensing to most countries that are supported by Paypal. 

What platforms does Vyrill video app support?

Current we support Shopify, and we are adding new platforms every quarter.  If you would like us to support your platform, please email us at

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