Boost your conversions with video

The Vyrill 'In-Video' Search App allows you to deliver a personalized shopping experience. Curate both UGC videos and branded videos and feature them on your product pages to help browsers find their product match quickly. The app can be embedded on any Ecommerce site - including Shopify - to shorten the buyer journey and boost sales. 

Video reviews are the new "word-of-mouth"

73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. Real people raving about your product, giving an in-depth tutorial or showing the product in action increases trust, boosts brand awareness and deepens engagement.

Custom, personalized experiences

Imagine browsers watching videos by product owners who they can personally relate to and who look like them based on a shopper's personal information (age, place of residence, gender and much more).

Advanced 'In-Video' Search filters

For every video, we separate the image, speech and text for deep analysis of what’s happening inside each video. With our 'In-Video' Search, we serve up real-time dynamic reporting on Sentiment, Demographics, Trending Topics. We save you countless hours watching videos one-by-one, searching and vetting new video content and creator profiles. Vyrill does all the heavy lifting.

In-person QR Code revolution

Connect the dots for consumers while they are shopping in-person. Any shopper can scan a QR code, and be taken to your online store’s video app to watch a curated selection of videos about that specific product. Make it easy for buyers to post a video review by placing a QR code within your store or on product packaging.

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