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By integrating with Vyrill, you can deliver unique “In-video” search capabilities on your site to drive engagement, increase conversion, and reduce support costs. Allow visitors to find key moments within any video to expedite decisions and answers while gaining key behavioral insights to enhance future experiences.

Empower your customers to harness the power of shopper voices

Vyrill allows you to dive into a sea of user-generated content and discover videos mentioning a brand or product. You can then analyze the sentiment, demographics, and top keywords to improve your video strategy. Vyrill also monitors real-time feedback on a new product launch or the latest social campaign. 

Allow shoppers to pinpoint key moments inside videos to drive faster purchase decisions

Add “In-video” search to your e-commerce site and make every user-generated video searchable, allowing shoppers to quickly find the moments that matter to them. Vyrill allows visitors to search keywords  on any page and then presents the relevant video snippets matching those keywords.

Identify and share UGC video insights to improve engagement, conversion, and new product development

Vyrill scans the audio, images, and text of every video to uncover sentiment, demographics, trends, and topics from your audience, competitors, and influencers. We give you powerful user insights and engagement data by product, category, brand, and competitor that will help your customers crush their marketing KPIs.

Add In-video search to your help center, reduce support time, and improve CSAT 

Add “In-video” search to your knowledge base, customer support site, or e-learning portal so your customers can instantly find the right answer inside any video, without needing to contact support. Vyrill allows customers to type keywords into a search bar and then surfaces the most relevant video clips that answers their questions.

Revive your podcasts by making them searchable

Don't let your podcasts fade into the background. Transform old episodes by making them easily searchable by topics. Give your audience the power to dive straight into the content they crave without sifting through a 60-minute video.

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