3 Big Reasons UGC Video Improves ROI

January 11, 2022

User-generated content (UGC) videos are the newest trend in marketing and for good reason.

While UFC is content that's created by your customers, for your customers, UGC is a great way to get videos that are more authentic and relatable, all while effortlessly increasing your return on investment. 

Your consumers are human, too! So, it comes as no surprise that they feel like they can relate to real people on camera better than a brand trying to sell them something.

For those of you who care about increasing profit margins while saving on marketing expenditure and finding ways to maximize those dollars in your campaigns, you have come to the right place! This blog post will explore the three most important reasons why UGC Video is the answer to improve your ROI.

How Does UGC Benefit Your Customers?

Personalization, authenticity, and connection are three of the most important reasons why UGC video is better for your customers than branded videos. It’s the best way to show your customers that you care about them and value their opinions.

  1. PERSONALIZATION: Personalization lets your customers see themselves ‘using’ your products and services. That's why there is such a large shift towards visual content online - audiences simply like it better! And by increasing brand experience, customers will be more likely to invest time and money into your products and services.
  2. AUTHENTICITY: Authenticity in UGC builds credibility and trust with browsers and buyers alike. When you lead with authentication by presenting proof, you turn your community into kin. This removes the dreaded buyer's remorse, allowing you to easily deliver value and peace of mind through showing instead of telling.
  3. CONNECTION: Connections made through watching and engaging with UGC deepen the conversation between your brand and your audiencebuyers. Understanding that customers want to be heard and seen allows them to express themselves using UGC in ways that brands cannot. Basically, it makes your customers feel like they're inside of your brand, not looking in from the outside.

All of these together, benefit both your community and your business, in turn, increasing ROI on many fronts.

Therefore, using UGC video in your marketing strategy increases your return on investment by helping to ease your customers' pain points. When you make shopping easy and efficient, you can satisfy the FOMO of your clientele, all while benefiting massively as a company, too!

How Does UGC Benefit Your Company's ROI?

One of the main benefits for companies to use UGC is that user-generated video does not have the same production costs as branded video, making it a much better return on investment for your marketing spend. There are many benefits to using UGC, but this one is of particular importance because of how costly it can be to operate an in-house video team.

The use of UGC videos as opposed to branded videos helps you tame the immeasurable by eliminating the complicated and irrelevant content and organizing the catalogued chaos. 

The result? Turning browsers into buyers all while widening savings margins on your marketing spend.

Taming the video conundrum with Artificial Intelligence

Here at Vyrill, we’ve built a never seen before AI tool for you to get maximum value of UGC, helping you to find the needle in the haystack that allows you to sew more profits. 

We understand that personalization is the holy grail of marketing, and we’ve done the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to! We’re not just helping you sell products, we’re here to help you develop a relationship with your consumers that easily converts. 

So, if you’re interested in widening your profit margins while taking your marketing strategy to the next level, contact us today and allow one of our trusted staff members help you through the process of increasing your return on investment using UGC videos!

About the Author

Katy boasts two decades in B2B technology & services, spearheading growth and brand evolution. A former Adobe marketing maven for 9 years, she’s since built growth teams for 5 tech startups that have all been acquired. With a stellar record in operational excellence and creating demand, she excels at leading successful cross-functional initiatives that enable companies to scale up.

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