4 Reasons Why UGVC Needs to Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

November 3, 2022

4 Reasons Why UGVC Needs to Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The digital world is obsessed with video. The average person spends 100 minutes every day watching online videos. A large portion of this is user-generated video content. For business owners and marketers, if you want to grow your revenue, incorporating video brings groundbreaking results.

With 32% of businesses using video as a sales tool today, user-generated video content made by employees can also be used to foster company culture, human resources, product development, and customer support. All of which can work toward growing a strong business and a healthy bottom line.

Nearly 90% of consumers admit that user-generated content holds more influence over their purchasing decisions than search engine results or promotional emails, according to research by TurnTo.

In a world run by video, if you want to run a successful marketing strategy, then user-generated video content (UGVC) needs to be at the forefront of your plan.

What Is UGC?

UGC is short for user-generated content. This is unique, brand-specific content that consumers publish online via social media or other channels.

User-generated content comes in several forms: 

  1. Text
  2. Images
  3. Videos
  4. Social media posts
  5. Reviews
  6. Forum posts
  7. Blog posts

Whenever a customer publishes any content about a brand online—it’s UGC.

What Is User-Generated Video Content?

UGVC is UGC in video form. This could be anytime a customer uploads:

  • A video on social media (Insta…etc)
  • A video review left on a brand’s website or marketplace (Amazon… etc)
  • A product review or how-to tutorial on YouTube

If video is the king of content, then UGVC is the king of UGC.

Who Owns User-Generated Video Content?

User-generated video content is almost always owned by the individual who uploads it to online content platforms like YouTube or Instagram. 

It’s imperative for marketers to understand the legal aspects of UGVC, including the fair use principles for user-generated content. You should always ask for permission if you want to use a customer’s user-generated video content.

However, this isn’t always black and white. For instance, if someone uploads a video review to your website, legality can be gray regarding ownership.

Here are four reasons user-generated video content needs to be a part of your marketing strategy right now.

1) Consumers Trust UGVC More Than Advertising

UGVC is so essential because it provides authenticity and trust.

Nowadays, brands have to fight tooth and nail to be seen online. As the digital world is more competitive than ever, it’s getting harder to compete for attention online.

Buyers are getting smarter—especially Gen Zs who are skeptical about the authenticity of online marketing. They’re becoming more selective about the brands they interact with.

That’s where user-generated video content comes in.

According to Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, nearly 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising. This is because a paycheck didn’t motivate the creation of the content—it’s made for free.

As a result, people regard UGVC as more trustworthy, a key ingredient to developing customer relationships.

2) Boost Social Proof With Video Reviews 

Word-of-mouth marketing is arguably the most effective form of marketing. However, when your marketing strategy is primarily digital, taking advantage of the benefits can be tough.

But, when you understand that word-of-mouth is really just social proof, then you can utilize social proof principles to reach new audiences.

That’s where reviews come in. According to Consumerist, over 70% of consumers look at product reviews before buying something.

With the rise of video content, you should put effort into your video review strategy. Search for, collect, and distribute video reviews to your website, social handles, and paid advertising to increase your brand’s social proof.

Vyrill is a straightforward solution for sourcing user-generated video content.

Why? Because what happens when you've got great videos that increase social proof?
More sales.

3) Higher Conversions

When you leverage user-generated video content more, you will naturally start seeing conversions on your site improve, regardless of what you’re selling. 

User-generated video content is influential in both the entry point of the buyer’s journey all the way to the final stages where someone makes the decision to buy. 

If your target audience sees someone wearing your product, it helps with removing doubts and fears about the decision to purchase. It automatically seems less risky to buy something when you see other people are happy with the product.

And, for UGC, there’s one form that’s converting better than the rest.

Can you guess what it is?


Most marketers say video converts higher than any other medium. Using UGVC in your marketing plan is a brilliant strategy since it can help you convert more prospects to customers without adding more work.

This is because you’re letting the customers do the selling.

4) Increase Your ROI

A major component of choosing the right marketing strategy is keeping your ROI (return on investment) top of mind.

You might generate millions in sales by hiring Kylie Jenner to promote your purse line on her Instagram. But it’s going to cost you millions. Tying up all your cash flow or going into debt for a single Instagram blast isn’t a viable strategy for most brands.

On the other hand, user-generated video content is a cost-effective way to grow your business without using up a ton of your cash flow.

If you put ten marketers in a room, nine of them could tell you a story about using video content to generate good ROI. It won’t be long before this number is ten out of ten because user-generated content is dominating the internet.

For small or medium-sized businesses, including UGVC in your marketing strategy is budget-friendly, easy to manage, and offers a worthy return on investment. 

What is the Best Way to Find UGC?

Are you looking for more tools to help you build an authentic and interesting UGVC strategy?

One of the best user-generated video marketing platforms on the market is Vyrill. Its AI-driven software allows you to find and source new, brand-safe user-generated video content that resonates with your audience.

Instead of spending countless hours searching for UGC video content, Vyrill brings it all to you with the click of a button. Book a demo with Vyrill today and elevate your UGVC strategy!

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