Are Video Reviews Really More Trustworthy Than Text Reviews?

March 20, 2023

Acquiring authentic customer testimonials is a high priority for eCommerce store owners and operators, and social media and marketing managers. Reviews convert well and they’re one of the first places customers look for information before making a buying decision. 

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, marketers are constantly searching for ways to engage customers and increase sales. While text reviews have traditionally been a primary source of customer feedback, videos have emerged as an incredible tool for boosting brand credibility and driving sales.

Unlike written reviews, which can be difficult to authenticate and lack emotional resonance, video reviews offer a dynamic and convincing perspective of how people experience a product or service in real life. The immersive nature of video content captures the viewer's attention and inspires confidence in shoppers.

Furthermore, nearly 76% of Americans shop online. As a result, more and more businesses are embracing video as a crucial component of their marketing strategy. By showcasing authentic and compelling customer feedback, companies build trust with their audience.

Is video the secret to earning the trust of customers? Keep reading to find out.

Are video reviews better than text reviews?

Video reviews are better than text reviews because they offer a more convincing view of the experiences and feelings people have about an item or service.

Videos are more engaging, memorable, and trustworthy. They provide a deeper level of information and authenticity that cannot be replicated through written text. Videos also offer a more personal touch, allowing viewers to see and hear from actual people who use the product or service. 

When people are in a buying mindset, they want to see if your product or service has worked for others. Video reviews push shoppers to purchase when they find a video talking about the product in a way that satisfies their needs. 

Video reviews increase sales better than text reviews

Video reviews are one of the most effective tools for increasing revenue. There are a few reasons videos work so well.

User-generated video content has a higher conversion rate because they provide a more immersive and emotional experience for potential customers. Seeing and hearing another person’s testimonial in a video allows viewers to connect with the content on a deeper level compared to reading a text review.

Video reviews help establish trust and credibility by putting a face and voice to the review, which is more convincing than a written review from an anonymous source.

Additionally, videos are more attention-grabbing and engaging than text, making them more likely to be shared and viewed by a larger audience.

Video reviews are more trustworthy than text reviews

When you’re looking for a particular service or product, what makes it easy for you to make a buying decision? Chances are video confirmation of your expectations will give you more peace of mind than any number of written reviews. The same is true for online shoppers.

Ajay Bam, CEO of Vyrill, states, “85% of shoppers say watching a video increases brand trust.” 

This is because video reviews provide a more authentic and convincing preview of real-life experiences. Unlike written reviews, videos showcase the person's face, voice, and emotions, making it easier for viewers to relate.

Videos are a more trustworthy source of information for potential customers, increasing their confidence in the brand and ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Text reviews are easy to fake

Text reviews are easier to fake. It's much easier to create fake accounts and post fraudulent text than it is with video.

With written reviews, anyone can pretend to be a customer and write a glowing or scathing review, whether they actually used the product or not.

By comparison, video reviews are more difficult to fake because they require real people, and more effort, time, and resources to produce.

Creating a video review usually involves showing the product or service in action, which makes it harder to deceive viewers. People actually have to have the item in hand, instead of pretending they do.

Additionally, video reviews are often more personal and authentic, which makes it easier to spot when someone is not being genuine. It's pretty easy to spot a faker in a video.

Video reviews are more memorable

Video reviews stay in the mind of your prospects and customers much longer than reading words on a page.

Instead of reading a few sentences and imagining the person who wrote them, you create a more personal connection with the viewer.
Videos are also more dynamic offering elements like music, special effects, and the personality of the influencer—which all contribute to a lasting impression.

Video reviews are easy to follow up and link to products

Video reviews and social media go hand-in-hand. Tens of thousands of influencers review products every month on YouTube and TikTok, making social media one of the top ways for buyers to learn about new brands. 

Vyrill’s in-video search makes it easy to find mentions of your products or brand in videos. The AI-powered platform finds the latest user-generated video content with references to the items or names you’re searching for.

In addition, Vyrill’s Shopify app makes it simple to display video content pertinent to your customer base. We use our state-of-the-art AI-assisted in-video search technology to make the content of videos searchable and shareable on the product pages in your e-commerce store. This allows your shoppers to see user-generated content that speaks directly to their needs. 

Video reviews go viral, but text reviews don’t

Another benefit of video reviews is their ability to go viral because they’re shareable and get picked up by the algorithms on popular social media platforms.

Influencers and dedicated content creators may be among the people who have made video testimonials about your brand or products. Vyrill makes it simple to collaborate with content creators as we showcase their contact info, help you create licensing opportunities for your videos, and create a channel to send them secure payments. 

An honest and emotionally engaging video is going to travel exponentially further than a glowing collection of text reviews. 

Video reviews are better than text reviews

Video reviews have revolutionized the way customers shop online and make buying decisions they can feel good about. They offer a direct view into the integrity of products, helping authentic brands rise to the top.

Videos offer a more immersive and emotional experience that connects with customers. Video reviews are trustworthy and convincing, helping customers to make a purchase decision, thus increasing sales. Compared to text reviews, video reviews are more challenging to fake and are more memorable.

Given the choice, people gravitate towards videos and defer to written content when they don’t have a better option. Unless it’s easier to find specific information in text, everyone prefers a video.

Vyrill makes it easier than ever to collect, index, and display your user-generated content and video testimonials.

Ready to get started? Try Vyrill for free for 14 days or request a demo to see how it works.

Any questions before trying? Contact Vyrill today.

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