Brand Voice in the Age of Quarantine

May 26, 2020

By Abe Disu

With more people than ever online and working from home, users are spending more time consuming digital content on social media. Unprecedented and fascinating developments are occurring in the marketing world; certain brands are seeing abnormally large increases in earned media and organic social mentions, while others have entirely slumped.

With brands rethinking marketing strategies and pivoting messages to fit our new reality, social media has risen as the channel for reallocating marketing spending. But in a rush to adapt, are brands reflecting long enough to analyze how the organic conversation has changed entirely?

It's more critical than ever to connect with social communities authentically.

Question: Where can brands look for direction as they find their new voice?

Answer: User-generated content and the organic conversations of their online audience.

• Partner with the most significant content creators mentioning your brand 

Identify the users creating the most engagement when they organically mention your brand. Recognize these individuals and bring them on as authentic spokespersons. Interact with them on a personal level and look to build an ongoing, mutually beneficial partnership.

• Identify your brand voice by analyzing, discovering & partnering with creators.

Before the current global surge in digital consumption, influencers had an 11x higher ROI compared to traditional advertising. With social engagement being at a record-breaking high, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in an influencer marketing and user-generated content platform like Vyrill to discover new voices who are authentically discussing your brand.

• Create engaging content or repurposing user-generated content to push on social channels, informed by existing social conversations

The solution is to make sure that all content your brand releases contributes real value to your viewers. Looking at the social listening indicators, what are they talking about right now? What need could your brand fill with original content?

• Staying in the conversation is essential

Showing your audience that you're listening goes a long way in cultivating the "know, like trust" factor with consumers.

Every brand is facing difficult decisions right now about how to pivot their messaging. For many, marketing has become a secondary or tertiary concern. However, as the data has shown, social conversations have not paused; if anything, they've increased. So as a brand, it's your responsibility to know what that conversation is, how it has shifted and respond in a way that is thoughtful, responsible and authentic, providing value in the same way you always have.

Look to your audience, especially organic mentions, for direction on adjusting your brand voice in the current online marketplace.


Abe Disu

Sales, Vyrill Inc.

Vyrill is a user-generated video content (UGVC) discovery, analytics, licensing and content marketing platform powered by our proprietary AI technology to enable social commerce and product marketing.

Vyrill has trained machines to watch millions of videos on social media and web, and videos captured directly from customers to help brand marketers increase revenue and find new customers by leveraging user generated video such as video reviews, feedback, unboxing, how to videos etc for insights, demand-generation, licensing and content marketing.

With 70% more growth in video content and 50% to 500% growth in online sales in some categories due to Covid and with over 85% of consumers mentioning that videos influence their purchase decisions, user generated video has become essential to grow brand revenue and growth. Vyrill is developing the industry’s first video ranking and video reviewing system for commerce.

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