Introducing Vyrill CONNECT

February 22, 2021


The new Vyrill Connect feature allows brands to send and receive email messages directly from the dashboard.  

You may have already heard; Vyrill ~ a ‘Google’ for video has trained machines to capture, watch and understand millions of videos across the web, mobile and social, for insights, licensing demand-generation and content marketing.  

Now, brands can message influencers at scale, run video marketing campaigns (such as Shout-Out, Reviews & Unboxing Campaigns), license video content directly from creators and much, much more. Creators can quickly respond and share their videos securely. 

What’s unique about our new feature is that it enables brands to talk to anyone who has made a video about their product or service or that a brand wishes to ask to create a new video.  

With this, some interesting opportunities have risen for brands to; 

  • Scale UGV content: Our licensing tool allows brands to connect, license and collect videos from video creators. 
  • Monitor Brand Safety content: Because Vyrill can analyze millions of videos in a short period of time, brands can monitor the Internet landscape for profanity, age and nudity.  
  • Nurture new connections: Invite influencers to participate in Shout Out campaigns more easily. Any video that is on the platform will also have its content creator’s contact details listed in their profile. Brands connect and communicate with them without leaving Vyrill’s dashboard. 
  • Understand audience segments: The opportunity to engage with different segmented target audiences helps brands generate leads. 

This will streamline the campaign management process. Additionally, this tool will also allow content creators the opportunity to reach new, potential clients segments at scale.  

Looking forward into the future... Vyrill is developing the industry’s first online video review system for commerce.  

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