Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

June 28, 2017

(via BizCommunity) "High-quality, value-added content, building strong relationships with your audience and adapting to the ever-changing landscape will always be critical to the success of your marketing efforts. What are the strongest trends in the current marketing landscape?" -Live Video: "Brands know that people love the in-the-moment type of content, and the widespread accessibility of truly functional live-streamed video offers exactly that. It connects with potential customers instantly and showcases the service or product directly in people's homes." -Influencer Marketing: "We love to make our purchases based on the opinions of real people, and the influencer offers brands the ability to speak through a relatable voice. Up to 70 percent of purchases are made after being “influenced” by an authority in the field." -Data & Visualization: "Statistics, data, and reports are all part of the marketer's job. We use this information every day to measure our audience, market, reach, etc. This information tells us who is buying what, when, why and how. But data, in its raw form, is not easily digestible and big data is worthless if it cannot be interpreted efficiently. As people, we can't naturally read it efficiently, and consumers don't have the patience to understand and interpret the tables, values and numbers we would offer them. Data visualization helps us see data better, understand it, and, most importantly, use it." Read the full article

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