Digital Marketing trends to watch on 2018

December 6, 2017
  1. Big Data: Do we really need to talk about it?
  2. Video, Video and more Video: In 2018, video will actually outpace all other content types. Video has slowly taken over social networks as a major form of content production, and all signs show that this trend will only increase.
  3. Content: Content creation, among other things, increases the credibility of the organisation and the number of sales it does improving its image and the potential of the business.
  4. Migration to Mobile: Nowadays a big part of the population uses their mobile phones to perform their searches instead of the desktop. This makes it the top priority for brands to have a responsive website, adapted to the good practices of mobile.
  5. One-to-one marketing is consistently regarded as one of the great solutions to customer acquisition. One of the key points to have in mind is that nowadays the consumers want unique and customized products according to their likings and personality, so the solution is to offer something unique and differentiated, "spoiling" them with products and services adapted to their personal requirements.

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