How to Analyze Video Content for Your Brand

September 12, 2022

With 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, the question is no longer whether or not to use video, but how to wield it effectively to drive awareness and sales. Today, with the prevalence of influencers and user-generated content, this question expands beyond the videos a company makes to promote itself and now includes all videos that mention their brand across the internet.   

But how do you know what video content is out there about your brand? How do you know if it represents your brand well? Or, if it reaches your target audience? What if you want to repurpose those videos in your marketing materials? 

That’s where video analysis comes in. Read on for a full guide on how to analyze video content to support your brand growth goals. 

But first, why is it important to analyze video content? 

You notice creators and customers are discussing and reviewing your brand online — yay! It’s widely known that consumers rely on video reviews to make purchasing decisions. With brand trust increasing 20X when shoppers can relate to the speaker and see the product in action, having creators review your products is typically a positive signal for brand growth.  

However, there’s more to the story. By analyzing video content about your brand, you can gain insight to data that is usually only available to large companies. 

1) Understand how people perceive your brand.

Is your product getting positive or negative reviews? If someone created a negative video about your brand, how long did it take you to find it, and how are you going to address the negative feedback? Knowing how your product or service is being perceived will impact your go-to-market strategy. 

2) Get a competitive edge.

Oftentimes, reviewers cover more than one brand in the same industry within review videos. What brands is your brand being compared to? How do you stack up? Are there new brands creators are discussing that aren’t on your radar? Reviews of your competitors products and the insights you gain helps you make smart business decisions, from research and development to product sunsetting.

3) Monitor for brand cohesion.

Do you know who is talking about your product? Does their audience correlate with your ideal customer profile? With video analysis, you can reach out to creators who resonate well with your brand and strengthen your relationship. On the flip side, if there are inappropriate situations (like profanity, nudity, presence of minors, etc.) that don’t fit with your brand ethos, you can proactively disassociate your brand with those creators. 

4) Repurpose content for your marketing materials.

We’ve established that video content — especially positive review-driven content — impacts consumers' purchase decisions. Video analysis makes it so brands can cherry-pick the best video content and repurpose it in their own marketing materials, social media, and on eCommerce sites. 

What metrics should you measure in video analysis?

By the nature of the medium, video content involves a complex mixture of quantitative and qualitative insights. When analyzing videos, key metrics to measure include: 

  • Sentiment: are you getting positive or negative reviews? 
  • Brand safety: does this video abide by your brand ethos? 
  • Demographics: does this video target your ideal consumer profile? 
  • Engagement: how much reach, likes, views, etc. did this video get?
  • Topics: what was discussed in the video? 
  • Creator Type: who made this video? An influencer? A reviewer? 
  • Scenes: what was the setting of the video like?
  • Region: where was this video filmed? 
  • Keywords and phrases: what did people search to end up on this video?

You have the data, now how do you analyze video content?

You know what video data you want to measure, now how do you extract important strategic insights out of it? Today, there are two popular schools of thought. 

1) The manual method: 

With a traditional analysis method, you may need to hire an intern or outsource resources to have someone scour the internet for videos that mention your company. You’ll need to manually comb through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook reels, Instagram stories, and more and establish a system to keep track of your observations. Manual video analysis can take countless hours to get these insights about your brand. The time spent searching for brand mentions, watching the videos, and skimming transcriptions could be replaced with your team having the insights they need and taking action. 

From there, you’ll need to create a complex set of spreadsheets and dashboards to tease out insights from all the metrics you’re measuring. If you want to measure brand sentiment across regions, for example, get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into pivot tables. 

2) AI-powered “In-video” search: 

With trillions of video data (yes trillions!) to comb through across a multitude of channels, the manual method isn’t a realistic solution in the modern era of the internet. Instead, brands are turning to in-video search tools like Vyrill to identify, analyze, and synthesize video data. 

With AI-powered in-video search analysis, brands can see powerful insights from the content and engagement with their brands. From there, powerful analytics in a single dashboard empower users to understand their video data from every angle. 

And the best part? Since you’re saving so much time and energy with “In-video” search analysis, you can set aside more time to strategize on repurposing video content for personalized marketing campaigns and connecting with video creators who could be excellent ambassadors for your brand. 

Try Vyrill, powering the “Googlification of video” 

Vyrill is leading the charge in “In-video” search with software built to make it easy to personalize marketing with an AI-driven “In-video” insights and commerce platform. No other company has a video search tool that monitors, aggregates, and presents data like we do.

Market smarter with real insights from real people in real videos online. See how Vyrill can boost your brand growth. Get a demo today.  

About the Author

Katy boasts two decades in B2B technology & services, spearheading growth and brand evolution. A former Adobe marketing maven for 9 years, she’s since built growth teams for 5 tech startups that have all been acquired. With a stellar record in operational excellence and creating demand, she excels at leading successful cross-functional initiatives that enable companies to scale up.

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