How To Read Vyrill Demographic Reports

August 18, 2020


This incredibly insightful report explains what demographics have created the video and the demographics that have not. The demographic data is of creators/people inside the video, NOT audience the demographic data of the viewers of the video.  Vyrill captures the age, ethnicity and gender of everyone in the video including multiple individuals. 

The demographic data is useful for brand marketers in the following ways.

  1. Understanding the demographic makeup of creators who make organic/authentic videos will help you understand whether your product is being leveraged by target demographic or not.

  2. Understanding who you are missing on the report will help you understand whether you are missing your target demographic. You are also missing their audiences if you are missing out on the demographics. You might consider taking appropriate actions based on this data such as;
  3. Create campaigns to generate more content from missing demographic. 
  4. Work with creators representing the missing demographic to generate content.
  5. Optimize marketing budgets appropriately to diversify demographic and customers.

  1. When a potential customer is searching for a video such as a review, recipe or an unboxing video of your product and the video does not exist on their search platform, then social media platforms will generally display a competitor video. Thus, not having appropriate content video by demographic might result in losing your customer to the competitor.
  2. Consumers want consumers like them buying the product. This is key to developing your content marketing strategy.
  3. If you notice a demographic that you weren't expecting, then it means that you need to reconsider your target demographic.
  4. Comparing demographics data across product/keywords can give you an insight on whether a particular product type, feature, category or brand resonates better with one vs. another demographic. Comparing this data with your sales and revenue KPIs by demographics would help you plan your product mix.
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