How To Read Vyrill Insights

August 11, 2020


We’ve trained machines to watch millions of videos on the Internet and social media through proprietary AI technology. There are 25+ data points that Vyrill can use to garner insights from USER GENERATED VIDEO (UGV) as well as the video INFLUENCERS themselves. This document explains the data and how to read insights from this data.

You can filter and sort data in many ways. Using our platform is like being on a treasure hunt. There are so many possibilities and combinations that arise when you start. It can get overwhelming when you don’t know what you are looking for. We recommend starting out with a goal, hypothesis or question to navigate your journey into and through the sea of data. The other approach is just dive in, have a look around and let the data guide your journey and allow the secrets to organically reveal themselves to you!

Below we explain the list of metadata that you can track for videos and creators.  

Video Metadata 

  1. Search by Platform (YouTube (available now, n))
  2. People Demographics (Age, Ethnicity, Gender)
  3. Scenes (Location) Detection
  4. Sentiment (Positive)
  5. Sentiment (Negative)
  6. Number of Shares
  7. Designated Topic
  8. Celebrity / Face Recognition
  9. Popularity (Trending)
  10. Designated Keyword(s)
  11. Number of Views
  13. Influencer Name
  14. Product Category 
  15. Product Name
  16. Brand Name
  17. Brand Safety (Risky Language/Content & Nudity)
  18. Language Detection
  19. Number of Views
  20. Search by Sponsorship
  21. Country
  22. Date Published


Creator/Influencer Metadata

  1. Name/Contact
  2. Number of Subscribers
  3. Number of Views
  4. Number of Videos
  5. Trending 
  6. Popularity
  7. Influencer Type
  8. People Demographics (Age, Ethnicity, Gender)
  9. Product Category
  10. Product Name
  11. Brand Affiliation
  12. Country 
  13. Platform (Websites, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram)
  14. Vyrill Verified Creator - A Vyrill Verified Creator means that the Influencer has registered on our platform and indicated which of their videos are paid and organic (unpaid) and are open to licensing their content to brands. 

Finding Gold In The Reports

It's not just about getting the data. It's about interpreting and leveraging the data. In our next blog post, we'll dive deeper into the reports we offer and how to think about them in the context of your business goals. 

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