How to Use Product Testimonial Videos for Shopify

February 22, 2023

Shopify remains one of the leading eCommerce platforms because of the number of features, applications, and integrations available to brand owners. One of Shopify’s standout features is the ability to host product videos and reviews, namely, product testimonial videos. 

Customers love product review videos in particular because they're a combination of product walkthroughs and social proof. It gives people a chance to see how your products improved the lives of others, which is as authentic as it gets when someone has just discovered your brand. 

Collecting and displaying product videos may seem burdensome, but it’s way easier than you’d think. With that in mind, keep reading for essential methods on how you can use product testimonial videos as part of your Shopify marketing strategy.

What is a Product Testimonial Video?

A product testimonial video is created by a customer, showcasing how it works and why they like it in particular. It’s an ingenious way to help prospective customers feel more certain about buying, because it’s hard proof that other people have gotten impressive results and in some cases, life-changing results.

Reviews from happy customers build trust and credibility for a brand. When customers talk about what they love (or don’t) about your brand, potential new onlookers see and hear sincere takes on the benefits and value of a product or service. Testimonial videos help establish a personal connection and inspire a sense of community around the brand. These types of videos may inspire viewers to become loyal customers themselves.

Product videos also demonstrate what sets your products apart from the rest. Buyers have loads of questions before they're ready to make a purchase. Nowadays, it's common practice for shoppers to look for answers to their own specific needs in video reviews.

It's ideal if customers can find a video of someone with a similar lifestyle or matching circumstances to answer pre-purchase questions. They're also curious about the quality of a product and want to know how long it'll last and if it's worth the investment. They want the best their budget affords them, and customer testimonials are the bridge between shoppers’ confidence and your brand.

How to Use Product Testimonial Videos in Your Shopify Store

You can leverage product testimonial videos in your Shopify store in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the best ones: 

  1. Create a dedicated testimonial page. The simplest way to leverage all of your product videos is to display them on your site. That way people can browse your videos whenever they’re wondering what they should buy first.
  2. Create an automated email follow-up sequence. A fantastic time to ask your customers for feedback is shortly after they’ve purchased. It’s when they’re most likely to have your product on their mind and enjoy using it most. 
  3. Include testimonial videos on every product page. Your product pages are where people are most likely to buy. Instead of forcing them to go elsewhere to find social proof, consolidate the answers they need on a single page right next to the click.

All of your product review videos should be click-to-play and searchable, meaning your viewers don’t need to leave your store to watch them and can easily find important information inside the videos. Using our Shopify app takes care of this automatically.

Run a Giveaway to Generate Product Testimonial Videos

There are lots of ways to increase the volume of product reviews on your Shopify store, but running a giveaway is one of the most powerful. Giveaways allow you to collect plenty of relevant customer information, including their review videos, in a short period of time. It’s best to offer at least one, but ideally multiple prizes in exchange for the best product testimonial videos.

Ask customers to make a video reviewing their favorite product of yours for the opportunity to win something awesome, like a big discount code or a completely free product. Giveaways are also a wonderful time to partner with influencers, making it easier to showcase all the effort you’ve put into influencer review video prospecting.

Next comes the tech steps. Create an attractive giveaway form where you collect at least people’s names and email addresses. This is necessary to collect information from people who haven’t bought from you yet. Don’t forget to include a checkbox stating that those who participate in the giveaway consent to your use of their videos. 

Make sure your giveaway is gamified, which means it offers actions entrants can take to increase their chances of winning. Common gamification options include:

  • Sharing the giveaway on Facebook
  • Following your Instagram page
  • Tweeting the giveaway
  • Visiting your website.
  • Every share, follow, comment, or tag counts as an additional entry.

When the giveaway is over, winners have been selected, and you’ve collected all the product testimonials, it’s time to leverage them as marketing collateral. Categorize your new video reviews based on product and share them with your marketing team so they can start making use of them. 

Why Product Testimonials are So Helpful for Sales

While product testimonial videos have numerous uses including enhancing your brand’s image and boosting SEO, their main goal is driving sales. People don’t buy until they’re emotionally certain of their decision, and proof from others is the most potent sauce you can dish up to their satisfaction. 

Customers who feel comfortable enough leaving eCommerce product reviews show that they’ve had an amazing experience with your product. The more people see one person’s positive experience, the more likely many more are to buy it. This creates an unstoppable ripple effect where your brand’s reputation grows well beyond your online store itself and imitates the power of word-of-mouth. 

Where to Place Product Testimonial Videos On eCommerce Sites

Here are a few places we recommend adding product testimonial videos on your site:

  • Dedicated product testimonial page
  • Each product page (exact match products only)
  • Product category pages
  • Knowledge base or help center (to minimize customer service inquiries)
  • Blog posts (especially those relevant to specific products)

Ensuring your product testimonial videos are on these pages maximizes their value and the chances that people will see them. You can always add them to other pages but these are where we recommend you put them initially. 

The Bottom Line

Product testimonial videos are the single best means to elevate your brand, improve customer retention, and drive more revenue. Collecting them slowly but surely is practically an unbreakable path to success.

Our mission at Vyrill is to make it as easy as possible for you to collect product showcase videos and for your customers to find them. Try it on us for 14 days or book a demo now to see our full-scale features in action.

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