14 Ways A Video Rating System Helps Brands and Retailers

September 19, 2023

We often hear questions as to whether hosting video reviews and ratings can help brands and video performance. And our answer

Certainly! Let's delve deeper into how a video rating and review system aids brands and retailers in 14 different ways:

1. Deepened consumer trust

Seeing real consumers share their experiences with a product can build a more profound sense of trust than written reviews. Authentic reactions and demonstrations make the product's capabilities and features tangible.

2. Boosted conversion rates

Video content tends to be more engaging than written content. Engaged consumers are more likely to make a purchase. Having video reviews available can be a determining factor in converting a hesitant buyer.

3. Improved SEO and traffic

Videos can improve website search rankings and increase organic traffic. Search engines prioritize content that engages users, and videos are known to boost engagement metrics like time on site.

4. Valuable feedback

Video reviews can provide brands with nuanced feedback. Visual and auditory cues, like facial expressions or tone of voice, offer insights into customer sentiments that might not be evident in written reviews.

5. Reduced returns

Videos give a clearer sense of what to expect from a product. This transparency can reduce the frequency of product returns, as customers are less likely to face unmet expectations.

6. User-generated content for marketing

Positive video reviews can be repurposed as promotional content for social media campaigns, advertisements, or website features, providing authentic endorsements.

7. Engagement and community building

The interactive nature of videos, especially if they're hosted on platforms with comment features, fosters community. Brands can engage directly, answering queries, addressing concerns, or expressing gratitude.

8. Enhanced on-site user experience

For e-commerce retailers, video reviews enrich the site's content, offering visitors a multimedia shopping experience and setting the platform apart from competitors.

9. Broadened product visibility

Engaging video reviews can be shared on social platforms, extending the product's reach to potential consumers who might not visit the retailer's site directly.

10. Feedback loop for product development

Reviews, especially those that delve deep into the pros and cons, can serve as a feedback mechanism. Brands can incorporate this feedback into future product iterations.

11. Direct response opportunity

Engaging with video reviewers and commenters allows brands to showcase excellent customer service, address misconceptions, or highlight additional features.

12. Competitive benchmarking

By monitoring video reviews of their products and those of competitors, brands can assess their market position and make strategic decisions accordingly.

13. Showcasing product in real-world settings

Unlike professionally shot promotional videos, customer reviews can showcase products in various real-world settings, providing a more genuine representation.

14. Loyalty and advocacy

Encouraging video reviews can create brand advocates. Reviewers often have their followers or subscribers, influencing a wider audience and enhancing brand loyalty.

However, brands and retailers should be mindful of potential challenges. These include the need to monitor and manage content to ensure it remains accurate and appropriate, and addressing negative feedback constructively.

Balancing these challenges with the potential benefits can lead to successful integration of video ratings and reviews in a brand or retailer's strategy.

Need help implementing or improving your video review system on your site? Request a demo today to discover how Vyrill can help you thrive.

About the Author

Ajay Bam is the CEO and Co-founder at Vyrill, a first-of-its-kind video intelligence company launched in 2017 through UC Berkeley’s Skydeck Incubator program. Vyrill helps brands and shoppers find the “moments that matter” inside videos. Its AI-powered “In-Video’' search technology analyzes & shares insights hidden within videos to improve personalization, SEO, and conversion. Before Vyrill, Ajay launched Boston-based, mobile shopping app company Modiv Media. He is a proven and accomplished product management professional, entrepreneurial thinker, and innovator with more than 13 years of experience leading startups and world-class brands.

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