Influencer Marketing vs Celebrity Endorsement

April 20, 2021


Influencer Marketing vs. Celebrity Endorsement

Today, the possibilities that a brand has for advertising campaigns are infinite. The advertising field has grown exponentially towards the online sector and, with that, the content possibilities.

Inside the online advertising, there's a division that relies on testimonials and endorsements from people with a public image with credibility. Although the line to differentiate the type of public figures that a brand can work with is hard to draw, we find influencers and/or celebrities.

Celebrities: They are the traditional ones. Celebrities endorsing a brand or a product is a technique that has been executed since there only was offline advertising. 

Influencers: With the social media platform's appearance, some people have built credibility and a strong community and nowadays, they have an audience that they influence almost every day.


With these two types of public figures, we have two advertising ways: Celebrity endorsement and Influencer Marketing. They may seem similar (almost the same) since both consists of a person with enough credibility to recommend a product. BUT! The way they work is different.

Celebrity endorsement: Musicians, actors, athletes... they have a huge power that allows them to reach an enormous audience. They can be expertise in a concrete area, but their followers may not follow them for that reason. This methodology can have a high cost since hire them needs a costly contract and always has some risk since the product can be related to the celebrities' life scandals.

Influencer Marketing: On the other hand, influencers had an audience that is easier to target for a brand. They don't have a broad audience. Instead, their followers have an interest in the fields that influencers talk about. Since they are content creators, a professional relationship with them can inspire both parties and lead to more original and effective content. However, this process can be tricky because it's a new field that has yet to be optimized. 

Choosing the right influencer is also a difficult task, mostly because it takes time. You can find tools that may help you speed this process, like Vyrill. We search inside videos for you and with the insights that we present to you, you can filter the right candidate to work with.


Both are two kinds of testimonial content with huge potential, that can be use as user-generated video content. 


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