Vyrill joins Lightship Capital porftolio

February 15, 2022

Vyrill has joined the Lightship Capital portfolio. Lightship Capital is a venture capital fund that is driving innovation and investment in the Midwest.

“At Lightship, we invest in specific industries. This allows us to focus on things we do well and where we can help founders to have a demonstrable advantage. Two of our favorite industries are Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Packaged Goods. We see a winner in both of these spaces in Vyrill. They use AI to make CPG companies unstoppable, giving them a true superpower. The power to see, understand, and react to any content, anywhere, at any time. It’s like magic, and we are so excited to be investors in this transformative company.”

Vyrill appeared on Season 7 of Twitch Pitch, where they finished as finalists. The Company is looking forward to working with our Cincinnati, Ohio based team to closely align with the region’s CPG giants and leverage its ecommerce strengths.

“We are delighted to have Lightship Capital as one of our investors. They bring expertise and connections in the e-commerce and CPG space, and are helping us grow talent and customers in the Midwestern region of United States.”
– Ajay Bam, CEO and Co-Founder of Vyrill
About Lightship Capital

Lightship Capital invests in remarkable entrepreneurs and ecosystems across the nation with a focus on CPG, E-Commerce, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Healthtech. By seeking talent across demographics and geographies typically overlooked by majority investment firms, Lightship finds and develops high growth companies while catalyzing emerging ecosystems.

About Vyrill

Vyrill has created an 'In-Video' search and analytics solution that leverages AI to identify brand engagement across the internet, enabling brands to know their customer, interact with them directly, and implement truly targeted marketing strategies.

About the Author

Ajay Bam is the CEO and Co-founder at Vyrill, a first-of-its-kind video intelligence company launched in 2017 through UC Berkeley’s Skydeck Incubator program. Vyrill helps brands and shoppers find the “moments that matter” inside videos. Its AI-powered “In-Video’' search technology analyzes & shares insights hidden within videos to improve personalization, SEO, and conversion. Before Vyrill, Ajay launched Boston-based, mobile shopping app company Modiv Media. He is a proven and accomplished product management professional, entrepreneurial thinker, and innovator with more than 13 years of experience leading startups and world-class brands.

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