How To Read the Video Stats Summary Report

August 24, 2020


Video Stats Summary Report

There are several ways to read Vyrill reports and relevant insights therein. One of the most common reports is the video stats summary report. This report captures the key performance metrics around videos by product/keywords within a start date and an end date. 

  1. Total Videos -  This metric will help understand whether the product/keyword is popular or not. More the videos, more engagement with the product/keyword.  You can compare this metric across multiple products/keywords to identify the most and the least popular product/keyword. 

  2. Total Views -  This metric explains the number of people that watched the video. More views could be a result of popularity.

  3. Average Views - Total videos / Total views.

  4. Total Duration (in mins) -  This is the total length of all the minutes of the all the videos.

  5. Average Duration (in mins) - Total minutes / Total videos.

  6. Total Influencers - Total number of creators who made the videos for product/keyword.

  7. Average Influencers - Total Influencers/number of videos.  When the average number is higher than 1, then it means that the creator has created multiple videos.

  8. Total Likes - Viewers of the video, who gave a thumbs up.

  9. Average Likes - Total Likes / Number of videos.

  10. Total Comments - Number of viewers, who commented on the video on the social media platform.

  11. Average Comments -  Total comments/number of videos.

  12. Total Dislikes - Total viewers of the video (s), who gave a thumbs down.

  13. Average Dislikes - Total dislikes / Number of videos

  14. Total Engagement  - This is a very important metric and is the sum of likes, views and comments of all the videos.  The higher the metric, the more customers responded to the product/keywords. Comparing this metric across multiple products/keywords gives you an insight on the most and the least popular product/keywords.

  15. Average Engagement - Total Engagement/Number of videos.

  16. Likes/Dislikes comment ratio -  If the ratio is greater than 1, then it means more customers liked the video.  If the ratio is lower than 1, then it means that more viewers disliked the video. 
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