BlackTravelBox turned to Vyrill to build social proof and enrich product pages with authentic customer video reviews.

3 Platforms

YouTube, TikTok, Dropbox


engagement time increase

Top 10

best / worst videos


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"Love the Shopify app! I've been trying to find a solution for videos on my product pages for the longest time. Vyrill makes it easy to bring in fresh new content, make it searchable(bonus!), and have it natively integrated into the product page. The support team is super responsive. Definitely a five star experience."

Orion Brown
CEO and founder, BlackTravelBox®

About BlackTravelBox

BlackTravelBox is a beauty brand with a clear goal: to give women of color the freedom to travel with products that work for their hair and skincare needs, wherever their travel may take them. With a growing community in the beauty and travel industries, BlackTravelBox has been endorsed by big names such as Condé Nast Traveler, Beyoncé, Travel Noire and more!

Why Vyrill

BlackTravelBox is a beauty brand with a focus on travel-size products. Beauty and travel are two of the key industries where videos are essential. Shoppers and travelers use videos as their source of information to make shopping decisions.

The BlackTravelBox team wanted to create a repository of UGC content to build their brand’s social proof and enrich their product pages.

The Vyrill platform helps BlackTravelBox collect all their UGC videos in one place and the In-Video Search app for e-commerce stores allows them to publish those videos on their product pages, measuring metrics like page and content engagement.


BlackTravelBox was looking to accomplish 5 things:

1. Increase page time with video to boost SEO strategy
2. Improve conversion with video content
3. Understand how videos were influencing shopper behavior
4. Capture insights on the top videos driving product page engagement and the key terms shoppers search for ‘inside’ of videos
5. Build a video repository with valuable and socially proofed content.


BlackTravelBox added 60 videos from 8 different video creators to the Vyrill platform using Tiktok, Youtube and Dropbox. Vyrill analyzed the video content, made it searchable and enabled the brand to publish these videos to their Shopify ecommerce store. Vyrill automatically measures their key KPIs and reports on important insights with Vyrill Shopify Report.


The In-video Search App has helped BlackTravelBox engage longer with the shopper, increasing time spent on the page and session length. Vyrill Shopify Report detailed at what stages of the shopper's sessions the published videos helped increase that time. With Vyrill, the session length increased by 5.5x.

Thanks to the video content insights, BlackTravelBox has proof of which videos their shoppers engaged in more, has a better understanding of video content that performs well and products that cause more engagement, and use these directions to create, and optimize a curated video repository. Since implementing Vyrill, the brand uses its own UGC to drive e-commerce, increasing the overall ROI of video.

Key KPIs Delivered

1. Top 10 Performing Videos

BlackTravelBox has a better understanding of the type of videos, and what’s resonating with shoppers, so it can develop the right videos going forward to increase engagement.

2. Worst 10 Performing Videos

BlackTravelBox now knows what types of videos to avoid in the future.

3. Average Engagement Time

The average is 38 secs for an e-commerce site. Vyrill has increased engagement time by 5.5X, to 178.8 secs (2.98 mins).

4. Video Conversion

BlackTravelBox knows how its shoppers are leveraging video during their shopping session and the videos that drive purchase decisions.

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