Cintrifuse turned to Vyrill to find existing UGC videos and launch campaigns to collect new UGC videos in a specific demographic to better understand the sentiment of female travelers.


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“With Vyrill, we were able to easily and quickly find video content on TikTok and YouTube from our target demographic and launch new campaigns to collect answers to important questions for our client. The analysis of the video responses, provided in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do so manually, was critical in providing our client with new product ideas.”

Alisa Smith
Director of Venture Services

About Cintrifuse

Cintrifuse is an innovation hub located in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a mission to establish Greater Cincinnati as the number one startup ecosystem in the Midwest. Through an extensive network of investors and corporate partners, they fuel the growth of tech startups by providing resources and services such as mentorship, workspace, funding, and access to a community of entrepreneurs. One of Cintrifuse's approaches involves connecting big corporations with innovative startup companies like Vyrill, which offer unprecedented solutions to achieve their project goals.

Why Vyrill

Cintrifuse wanted to understand the travel industry, concentrating on the safety concerns and needs of female travelers who are 55+ years old.

Vyrill analyzed content on the topic and provided helpful insights about the pain points and challenges female travelers experience. Vyrill found video creators within their target audience, allowing Cintrifuse to collect, watch and analyze creator content to understand their experiences better.


Cintrifuse was looking to accomplish 3 things:

1. Use specific keywords to find video content from a defined demographic group 
2. Easily navigate through all the video content, and parse out the insights found
3. Conduct a qualitative study with female travelers using video answers


Cintrifuse partnered with Vyrill for a two-section study. First, Vyrill delivered 900 videos from TikTok and YouTube related to Female Travel and specific keywords. Vyrill analyzed the video content, made it searchable, and parsed out the insights found.

Secondly, Cintrifuse completed a qualitative study using the Vyrill dashboard to find participants and collect and analyze video responses.


Vyrill helped Cintrifuse obtain 900 videos relevant to the predetermined search of 20+ keywords. The videos were then filtered to 120 that matched the specified criteria. Using Vyrill ‘In-video’ search, Cintrifuse uncovered experiences related directly to their travel safety for female travelers study. Thanks to Vyrill, the Cintrifuse team completed this video research saving 75% of their time.

Vyrill provided a list of 50 possible participants and their contact details that matched the demographic characteristics. The responses were efficiently captured and uploaded to Vyrill using its Dropbox integration. The Vyrill AI engine analyzed the captured videos and provided actionable reports about female traveler needs and ideas for new products. 

Key KPIs Delivered

1. 900 videos analyzed

Vyrill searched for 20 different keywords on TikTok and YouTube and analyzed the data and insights of 900 videos within the platform. 

2. 75% of time saved

Of the 900 videos, Vyrill examined and parsed out findings within 2 weeks, which took one-quarter of the expected time. 

3. 100% participation rate

Vyrill helped Cintrifuse obtain 100% of the total number of responses they set as a campaign participation goal.

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