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iwi Fresh turned to Vyrill in order to optimize its content marketing strategy and organic SEO and identify top fans for engagement.


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“Our consumers connect with us through authentic videos. Vyrill allows us to find and license videos on YouTube and TikTok, capture new video reviews, and analyze all of our video content to improve our video strategy. By adding more relevant customer and branded videos to our website, we've increased our conversion rates and revenue. You can’t put a price tag on this level of engagement.”

Yolanda Owens
CEO, iwi fresh

About iwi fresh

Atlanta-based iwi fresh was founded by Yolanda Owens “Yogi The Skin Care Farmer” who has been making her own skin care products for 14 years. iwi stands for “itis whatitis”... meaning whatever it is that is exactly what it is! Clients believe that The Skin Care Farmer’s products are better than the skin care lines they find in stores because of the fresh feel and raw ingredients.

Why Vyrill

In the beauty category, videos are key. While iwi fresh had a YouTube channel and a number ofbranded videos, the company was struggling to make them useful and searchable on its Shopify store.

iwi fresh turned to Vyrill to optimize its video marketing strategy and organic SEO, and identify top fans for content to drive engagement.

The Vyrill In-Video Search app for Shopify helps iwi fresh publish UGC and branded videos on its Shopify store, while also measuring page engagement, content engagement and customer intent for site visits.

Challenge was looking to accomplish 3 things:

1. Increase page engagement and conversion with video content
2. Capture insights on the top videos driving engagement
3. Understand the key terms shoppersare searching for ‘inside’ of videos to optimize further video content development and SEO


The brand added 24 videos to the Vyrill platform from Youtube, Tiktok, and Dropbox. Vyrill analyzed the video content, made it searchable and enabled the brand to publish these videos to their Shopify ecommerce store. Vyrill automatically measures their key KPIs and reports onimportant insights.


Vyrill has helped the brand engage longer with the shopper, measured by time spent on page and session length, and understand shopper intent by surfacing the videos they are watching and the search terms entered in the search box. With Vyrill, video engagement rates are now above 90%.

Vyrill has enabled the brand to use social user-generated content to drivee-commerce, thereby increasing the overall ROI of video. Since Vyrill is providing iwi fresh with insights on video, search and engagement, it now has a better understanding of video content that performs well and can continue to curate, create, and optimize videos.

Key KPIs Delivered

1. Top 10 best performing videos

The brand has a better understanding of type of videos and what’s resonating with shoppers so they can develop the right videos going forward to increase engagement.

2. Worst 10 performing videos

The brand now knows what to avoid in the future.

3. Top 10 search terms from shoppers

The brand is leveraging the top keyword searches for SEO and to highlight these terms in their product messaging.

4. Average Engagement Time

The average is 38 secs for an e-commerce site. Vyrill has increased engagement time by 3X, to 121 secs (2.1 mins).

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