Leveraging 'In-Video' Keyword Search To Find High-Impact Influencers 


World-leading German automobile manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans.


This high-end car manufacturer teamed up with Vyrill in order to uncover key insights from the top 50 race cars fans and influencers, demographic information by car model, and top posts from race car drivers. The client also sought to optimize their sponsorship strategy by social listening to top race car drivers. 


Analyzed over 11,000 videos from fans, top influencers, and race car drivers.
Identified and analyzed user-generated video content pertaining to the brand’s 4 race cars and 8 competitor models.  


Client leveraged the analyzed SM data to understand which race cars drivers were popular with which fans and which drivers they should sponsor for that calendar year. 
Identified top 300 fans of the brand and top competitor racing fans to invite to brand events and brand mailing list. 



Monetary and Time Savings To Discover And Analyze Brand-Related Content 


Decrease In Cost Per New Fan Lead (CPIL)


Videos Analyzed


Brand Cars and 8 Competitor Car Models Tracked by Demographics & Geolocation

Your brand message is stronger when it’s told by others

Vyrill is the industry leader in capturing, analyzing and using user-generated videos.

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