ODR Skis worked with Vyrill + Swirl to collect and curate UGC videos to drive site engagement and boost average order volume.


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"Creating ODR Skis was about creating a unique skiing experience that’s accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By partnering with Vyrill and Swirl, we’ve been able to leverage user-generated video content to not only show the real impact of our products across all skill levels and demographics but also to connect and engage with our audience on a more personal level, driving significant increases in site engagement and a more interactive customer experience."

Kevin Greco
Founder / Partner, ODR


Although it didn’t land a shark on Shark Tank, ODR Skis invented and successfully launched a new, safer and more practical type of ski as an alternative for those that struggle with regular skis. Introducing a transformative product required ODR to produce “how-to” videos with its ski boots and showcase videos with different levels of skiing across multiple demographics.

Why Vyrill

BlackTravelBox is a beauty brand with a focus on travel-size products. Beauty and travel are two of the key industries where videos are essential. Shoppers and travelers use videos as their source of information to make shopping decisions.

The BlackTravelBox team wanted to create a repository of UGC content to build their brand’s social proof and enrich their product pages.

The Vyrill platform helps BlackTravelBox collect all their UGC videos in one place and the In-Video Search app for e-commerce stores allows them to publish those videos on their product pages, measuring metrics like page and content engagement.


ODR captures videos from skiers on many slopes every week and wanted to determine how to feature these videos on its site to drive higher engagement and order volume. 

  1. Personalization: ODR had captured a lot of customer UGC video content but was struggling to deliver personalized video experiences on its website. Analyzing existing and new video metadata is the only way to accomplish this level of personalization. Understanding the location, ski-level and age range highlighted in every video meant ODR could serve the right content to the right person.

  2. Understanding the "VOS": ODR had no way to understand the ‘Voice of the Shopper’ from UGC videos at scale. Analyzing, organizing, and deriving insights from all existing UGC videos, let alone all new UGC videos being created every day, is impossible without AI-powered technology. Not to mention, the ability to track competitor video content, influencers and overall UGC video strategies.

  3. Understanding Shopper Intent: ODR did not have a mechanism to capture shopper intent. It was looking to understand omni-channel video engagement behavior - tracking video keyword searches, Q&A, filters, views, and click-thrus - to quickly expose visitor interest and content gaps.


Within just 2 weeks, Vyrill and Swirl updated the ODR Ski site with a new, personalized video commerce experience.

All ODR UGC videos were uploaded to Vyrill where they were indexed and analyzed in 15 dimensions, including sentiment, demographics, location, and skill level. ODR is now able to organize and search all its video content in the Vyrill platform to determine which videos to use in marketing and promote on its site.

Swirl and Vyrill launched a richer, personalized video shopping experience on the ODR site that included three custom filters and a search bar. ‍

  • A location filter with 40+ ski slope locations such as Park City, Deer Valley Resort, Vail Resort, etc.   

  • A demographics filters to sort videos by young, adults and seniors

  • A skill-level filter of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


With the Vyrill + Swirl solution, ODR increased average shopper site engagement by 68 seconds, including an 18-second increase from video views and a 50-second increase from search functionality. This equates to a 130.77% improvement compared to the previous average engagement time of 52 seconds.

Vyrill provided insights on which videos were most and least watched, helping ODR understand shopper preferences. This information is guiding ODR to create more popular, helpful videos while saving money and time by avoiding irrelevant content.

Vyrill provided ODR with search and filter data, including click-through rates. This intent data helps ODR understand the content shoppers are looking for in videos and which filters they use the most. With this information, ODR can produce more relevant content, improve filters, and prioritize highly searched content at the top of their page.

Key KPIs Delivered

1. Best and worst performing videos

ODR has a better understanding of which videos resonate with shoppers so they can develop the right videos going forward to increase engagement.

2. Top search terms from shoppers

ODR is using the top keyword searches to improve SEO, highlight these terms in their product messaging, and create new content.

3. Average engagement time

Average engagement time is 38 secs for an e-commerce site. With Vyrill + Swirl, ODR has increased engagement time by 131%, to 120 secs (2 mins).

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