Targeting Untapped Demographics With 'In-Video' Keyword Analysis


This family-owned cheese manufacturing company is one of the largest all-natural cheese producers in the US. Founded in the 50s, this cheese brand has been producing a wide variety of 100% real shredded, sliced, and natural cheeses.


This innovative CPG cheese brand partnered with Vyrill to identify new trends between diets, ingredients, and demographics to find actionable insights for new product development.


Tracked a portfolio of 65 cheese products and analyzed 12K+ authentic fan video conversations in less than 30 days.
Used fan videos to identify new topics and valuable keyword phrases.
Offered the ability to interact and partner with top influencers in the cheese space and segmented them by age, ethnicity, and gender. 


Identified top influencers for engagement.
Explored new SEO & SEM strategies based on trending keywords found by Vyrill’s 'In-Video' audio analysis.
Discovered Hispanic & Asian populations that were largely under-represented thanks to product-specific demographic insights.



Increase In Organic Keyword Traffic


Increase In Target Demographic Content Development


Months Worth of Videos Captured And Analyzed In Less Than 30 Days


Videos Analyzed


Products Tracked 

Your brand message is stronger when it’s told by others

Vyrill is the industry leader in capturing, analyzing and using user-generated videos.

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