Understanding Customer Sentiment With AI 'In-Video' Search


One of the largest Asia-based airlines in air travel offers consumers a variety of affordable travel-related services they need to enjoy their trip. 


The largest air travel brand in Asia engaged Vyrill to discover video reviews from fans and critics as well as understand trending topics including competitor sentiment for analysis. They also sought to index their branded and organic video content so as to compare reach and engagement KPI's. Lastly, the brand wanted to discover and index UGC videos for several ‘less-traveled’ destinations.


Vyrill tracked the previous twelve months’ worth of social videos related to the company and competitors.
UGC videos were then analyzed for positive and negative sentiment, demographic, brand safety, and location in order to discover trending destinations 


Immediate increase in engagement and impressions on YouTube and Facebook Channels after featuring positive video reviews.
Able to understand negative sentiment, address issues directly with customers, and mitigate future damage to brand reputation.
Competitor and trending topics analysis enabled the brand to pinpoint value propositions for less-traveled destinations.



Increase In Impressions


Increase In Positive Social Media Reviews And Posts


Months Worth of Videos Captured And Analyzed In Less Than 30 Days


Videos Analyzed


Destinations Tracked

Your brand message is stronger when it’s told by others

Vyrill is the industry leader in capturing, analyzing and using user-generated videos.

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