Using The Power Of Video Search To Optimize Video Marketing Strategy 


Since launching its brand with a line of 24K Gold curling irons, this leading hairstyling company has gone on to become the gold standard for professional hairstylists, creating some of the most innovative and sought-after styling products in the haircare industry. 


This industry-disrupting hair care company partnered with Vyrill seeking to optimize their marketing spend. They wanted a deeper understanding of product preferences from their target audience. They also sought to uncover new insights from fan-based user-generated video content (UGVC) in comparison with their own branded content. 


Captured 4,000+ fan videos (reviews, testimonials, unboxing, etc.) and branded content based on product name and category.
Filtered videos and creator profiles by engagement, demographic, age, gender, location and ethnicity.
Uncovered trending conversations, top keywords, and more.


Client discovered new insights on which products were most popular with certain demographics.
Leveraged product-specific SEO data to develop new KPIs for better product-customer matching and marketing spend saving.
Connected with shoppers by using UGVC in marketing & sales funnels. 



Products Tracked


4,621 Videos Analyzed


25% Increase In Target Demographic Content Development 


Increase In Organic Search Growth by leveraging trending keywords for SEO


Decrease In Cost Per Influencer Lead

Your brand message is stronger when it’s told by others

Vyrill is the industry leader in capturing, analyzing and using user-generated videos.

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