The Future of eCommerce: Why Brands Love Video Reviews

June 29, 2023

5 Reasons Why Video Reviews Are the Future of eCommerce

In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, customer reviews are a vital component of the online buying experience. As shoppers seek trustworthy information, brands recognize the need to adapt.

Enter video reviews. With the power to captivate and inform, video has gained overwhelming popularity among brands and consumers alike.

Are you ready to uncover why video reviews are capturing the attention of brands and reshaping the future of eCommerce?

In this article, we'll explore the driving forces behind the growing interest in video reviews, as well as the distinct advantages they offer over traditional text-based reviews.

1. Video reviews capture product features

Video reviews revolutionize the eCommerce landscape by giving justice to sensory selling points that were previously challenging to articulate in mere words.

They capture desirable characteristics that are impossible to convey by text: movement, fit, smell, and ease

The clothing industry benefits enormously from videos. Customers can see the motion of the fabric and how it contorts to different body types—a vital selling point. 

Makeup is another massive market for video reviews. It features the application's smoothness, the actual pigmentation, and testimonies of the feel.

One product that went viral due to video is the refillable paint roller. Not only does the customer show the ease of use and time-saving factors, but the unstaged setting is relatable and builds connection. Text reviews will never have the same impact.

2. Videos explain shipping and logistics

Videos revolutionize eCommerce by addressing shipping concerns directly. Unboxing videos allow customers to gain a clear understanding of an item.

Seeing real people show what they received and the condition they arrived in builds unbeatable trust. Your customers look at how safe the items are packed, the condition on arrival, the size, and any special touches your company does with the packaging. Videos give customers peace of mind by seeing exactly how the shipping process works.

This transparency reduces returns. By enabling customers to visually gauge the size of a product through, eCommerce platforms reduce the likelihood of shipping goods that don’t match expectations.

Videos also minimize shipping-related customer service inquiries. Fragile, expensive, and oversized items are the most common products to involve shipping-related messages. Businesses fielding questions about how a product is shipped save a lot of time. 

3. Videos offset the need for customer service

Video reviews compensate for the lack of in-person contact in eCommerce. They allow us to create more personalized interactions with customers.

User-generated video content allows brands to engage directly with customers through comments.  By participating in comments, brands cultivate a sense of community, encouraging meaningful conversations and strengthening the brand-customer relationship. This two-way communication enhances the customer experience and showcases the brand's commitment to satisfaction.

Video reviews help brands identify areas for improvement from feedback. For instance, if multiple people mention a flaw or suggest a desired feature, brands can prioritize addressing those concerns in future iterations. This demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centricity.

Video reviews gather crucial data, such as where the negative reviews reside and insights into customer sentiment. Responding to negative reviews promptly and sincerely will propel your business forward.

The Vyrill platform helps brands find negative reviews 3 to 4 weeks faster than they would otherwise, eliminating the chance of a review going viral before being addressed by the brand.

4. Video reviews create unforgettable messaging for new campaigns

Video reviews create unforgettable messaging because they combine two powerful drivers of consumer behavior, emotion, and logic. 

An NIH study found emotions activate memory and are essential to forming lasting impressions. Video reviews convey emotions and logic at the same time.

Not only can you see and hear the reviewer’s emotional excitement or disappointment, but the reasoning they use to justify their reaction also solidifies the faith you put in the testimonial and your memory of it.

Using emotion and logic together helps brands create unforgettable messaging that resonates with customers and motivates them to act. Hilary Hinton Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker who used to say, “People buy on emotion and justify on logic.”

Brands can also strategically influence the narrative of marketing campaigns using video reviews. Knowing what makes an excellent video review is a decent start. Choose which customers to feature, hone in on videos answering common questions, and feature reviews that showcase your brand’s values.

5. Leveraging video reviews in ad networks

According to Statista, online video ad spending is pacing to 95 billion for 2024, roughly 27 percent of total display ad spend worldwide. Where there's a budget for video marketing, there’s spend that’s prime for testimonial advertising.

People trust people more than they trust brands. Testimonials build trust because they’re directly from a customer. This is why video review campaigns are trending, especially with big brands. It builds trust, improves engagement, and ultimately drives more sales. 

Peloton leveraged video reviews in an inspiring way. They created paid ads featuring real-life customers and tailored each ad to a specific type of person. The point was to highlight how Peleton can fit into every lifestyle. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing strategy. Use customer reviews to highlight unique features, address customer concerns, and establish credibility. Finding ways to leverage video reviews is the future of eCommerce and your business.

Video reviews are the future of eCommerce

Video reviews revolutionize eCommerce by capturing product features, addressing shipping and logistics concerns, compensating for the lack of in-person contact, and creating unforgettable messaging for new campaigns.

They build trust, foster engagement, provide valuable feedback, and leverage customer authenticity. When used in ad networks, video reviews increase customer trust and drive up sales.

Embracing video reviews in marketing is crucial for brands to thrive in the future of eCommerce.

Video reviews are the future of eCommerce, so don't be late. Discover the freshest user-generated video content as they happen—try a free Vyrill campaign today

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