7 Reasons Health & Wellness Websites Need UGC Video Content

February 16, 2024

In health and wellness e-commerce, traditional marketing fails to create the trust needed to convert browsers into buyers.

Competing claims about the best products and all the wonderful things they do saturate the market. Skeptiful customers demand authentic proof and relatable experiences that resonate with their own health and wellness journeys.

User-generated video content (UGC) is the key to unlocking trust and authenticity. This article unpacks the reasons why e-commerce brands in the health and wellness verticals can’t ignore UGC.

1. Authentic product demonstrations

UGC provides authentic demonstrations of product effectiveness. This content is critical for products that need to demonstrate performance to convince potential buyers, especially for health and wellness products.

For instance, customers upload videos showing a skin cream reducing redness, a fitness band tracking workouts, and close-ups of special features like organic ingredients or patented technology.

Real-world demonstrations are more persuasive than traditional ads because they provide tangible proof directly from users. Authentic UGC product demonstrations boost trust and increase sales.

2. Before and after transformation videos

For products that promise physical or health changes, videos documenting these changes can be particularly compelling, offering visual proof that what you're selling works.

Before and after transformation videos serve as compelling visual proof for products promising significant physical changes. This evidence is particularly powerful for products that aim to transform aspects of physical health or appearance.

Users submit videos documenting dramatic changes post-use, such as improved skin condition or enhanced physical fitness. Showcasing these virtual transformations substantiates marketing claims and demonstrates the product's impact in a relatable way.

3. Demonstrating sensory aspects

Authentic feedback in UGC videos offers valuable insights into products that words can’t capture. Video reviews of taste, mixability, and texture are more persuasive than text reviews for consumable products like protein powders and health bars. 

Over ninety percent of communication is nonverbal, and watching someone’s reactions as they try a product for the first time can be more telling than words. The sensory aspects of wellness products, like taste, texture, or mixability, are difficult to convey through text alone. UGC videos offer more accurate and trustworthy evaluations.

4. Sharing direct product comparisons

Side-by-side comparisons are invaluable in markets where multiple similar options are available. Direct product comparisons in UGC drastically impact consumer preferences. 

Before making a purchase, many customers search for content with side-by-side reviews of products with competitors and details about why they prefer them based on specific attributes like effectiveness, taste, or ease of use.

Sharing UGC with direct comparisons can save the customer a step, as it’s a critical factor in winning over customers from competitors.

5. Highlighting ease of integration into lifestyle

Demonstrating the ease of integrating wellness products into daily life is crucial for convincing busy consumers. This prerequisite is especially important for products requiring a routine or lifestyle change.

UGC naturally showcases how users incorporate products into their busy schedules. Seeing real people successfully integrate products into their routines can alleviate concerns about feasibility and shift the narrative to one of convenience and adaptability.

Sharing UGC content showing how easy products are to incorporate into daily life enhances their appeal and increases adoption rates among potential buyers.

6. Sharing tips from customers

Tips from customers offer incredible insight to prospective customers and improve product credibility. Practical advice from real users is particularly valuable for wellness products where application affects the results.

Videos show customers sharing their routines, such as layering serums or applying moisturizer effectively. These authentic user demonstrations offer practical insights that traditional ads can’t match.

UGC videos are more personal and believable. Sharing tips from customers builds trust and encourages potential customers to purchase.

7. Long-term satisfaction and loyalty

Reviews from users who have been using the product for months or years can discuss its durability and sustained effectiveness.

Customers sharing health transformation stories, such as increasing energy levels and feeling or looking younger, offer powerful endorsements.

A history of positive reviews and success stories with the same products is the social proof new customers seek before buying.

Conclusion: UGC video campaigns for the win

UGC video campaigns are essential for health and wellness e-commerce brands. It’s a powerful strategy for building consumer trust and validating product claims.

Through authentic product demonstrations, transformation videos, sensory feedback, and practical user tips, UGC provides a comprehensive view of real-world product effectiveness. This type of content bridges the gap between skeptical consumers and the products they consider.

Ultimately, UGC influences purchasing decisions by showcasing tangible benefits and long-term satisfaction.

Are you ready to embrace the power of UGC for your health and wellness e-commerce website? Contact the Vyrill UGC campaign experts to take the guesswork out of UGC video marketing.

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